Boost your confidence as a writer

Often at times some writers tend to think that they do so much work and never get noticed. Truth is we do not appreciate ourselves enough before seeking validation from others.

If you wish to learn how you can go from wanting to be validated to actually “never ignored”, here are a few things you can do.

Celebrate your small wins: Set realistic goals and be proud when you meet them. The more you become proud of yourself for the minor goals you achieve, the more goals you tend to achieve. One thing about celebrating your small wins is, you’re able to promise yourself you would do something and eventually you did it. It’s encouraging to know you can always rely on yourself to pull off any task.

Take regular breaks : writing itself is exhausting. You need to have scheduled tasks and at the same time find periods in between these tasks to rest. It’s great for your mental health and helps you balance your work life and social life. Most times writers stay indoors for too long they forget how the outdoor activities work. Some get socially awkward and that might not be good for your self esteem .

Do not be scared to put your works out there : criticism is good because it helps you learn, relearn and unlearn things. It pushes you to do better. Getting your manuscripts rejected many times makes you wonder how you can make your work better. So instead of shrinking because someone said your book or story or article is not fit for their publication, smile your thanks and get back to work. Don’t sulk, enjoy the process. Learn to embrace criticism and feedbacks.

Find a supportive community: make genuine connections with people around you. Learn and network with like minded creatives. They are everywhere… social media, school etc. you just have to search for them. Once they share the same goal as you, make yourself a member of their community, find out what you can give and get from them.

There might be other ways to boost your confidence as a writer but knowing these basics will help you in your writing journey.

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