Nobody’s home

I just want you to untangle me out of your life, As I wasn’t the one who was hurting all those times. I remember seeing you in pain too, Was I not … Nobody’s home

Actions and feelings

Often we hesiste to take action because we’re waiting on a feeling. For example, you hesitate to lead, speak up or contribute because you’re waiting … Actions and feelings

A Series of Changes

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally … A Series of Changes

What Are the Chances?

I scrutinized the man under veiled eyes. My long dark eyelashes were one of my vanities, and in times like these they came in useful. (The Exit Door)… What Are the Chances?

Daily Dose for the Mind

If you look for love, in pursuit of what it can give you, it will hide itself. If you ask love to arrive because you are now ready, it will skip your… Daily Dose for the Mind

Merely an entanglement

  “I love you… very much” He touched her arm. Lydia withdrew  from him. She left his bed and walked to the window. She took a deep breath with her eyes closed, she raked hands through her hair. Richard frowned and followed her. He made her face him. “What are you thinking about?” She tried … Continue reading Merely an entanglement


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